• Your child will complete a diagnostic analysis. This is an online exercise that is scheduled and taken at our facility before your child’s instructional times are determined. This tool will specifically identify the areas of math and/or reading where your child is proficient and those that require additional instruction. You will receive a parent report explaining your child’s needs.

• The basic instructional materials are identified by this diagnostic tool.

• During the enrollment process we will ask you to answer questions about your child’s habits, likes and dislikes on a Student Profile sheet. We will use this information to identify topics and activities that interest your child. If your child likes to cook, we will find books about cooking to read. We will design math activities that refer to cooking. Does your child like sports? We will read books about sports and develop sports related math activities.

• During the first week of instruction we will administer a short questionnaire that will identify your child’s learning style. Is the learning style visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social, and/or solitary?

Part of our initial diagnosis will determine how your child learns. We will strive to design activities that best meet your child’s strongest learning style.

We will not do the same activity each session, nor will we do the same activity for an entire session. Each learning opportunity will include two or three activities. Time spent on each activity will be determined by your child's ability to progress and master the skill.

Children of similar age and working on similar skills may spend part of the session playing an educational game. Children who function better when they can work with their hands will have hands-on activities.

All children are unique! They learn differently; they mature at different rates; they don’t like the same things. Children in the same family are not alike. However, our schools must educate many children at once. They do not have the staff, the time, nor the resources to provide instruction tailored to each student in the classroom.

When a child is only six, seven, or eight years old, a month or two can make a big difference in learning ability. Consider this – a child who turns six in August is 72 months old when school begins; however, a child who turned six in January is 79 months old. The second child is nearly 10% older and more mature than the first child!

As children age these differences in birth dates become less significant. Fast forward to the tenth grade and the second child is only a little more than 4% older than the first child. The first few years of a child’s learning window are critical. They lay the ground work for everything that is to come.

At j&R Tutoring Academy we will design an instructional plan that matches your child’s learning style, strengths, and interests.

Instructors at j&R Tutoring Academy are required to complete a daily assessment for each child. These provide us with a picture of what your child has accomplished and where additional work is needed. We will not spend extra time on a skill that has been mastered; conversely, we will spend as much time as is required to master a skill that is especially difficult. All of our instructors are licensed Indiana teachers in the state of Indiana. They are skilled in instructional techniques.

We are also happy to meet with your child’s teacher if there are specific concerns that the teacher has.

Our Learning Program is two 45-minute sessions per week for three months. Each Learning Program is renewed unless we are notified in writing 14 days prior to the end of the program.

We do offer summer and other vacation specials.

We strongly believe that all parties - tutors, parents & students - need to commit to the time needed to master a skill.

Children begin learning from the moment they are born. Often they develop activities to compensate or cover for an unlearned skill. As tutors, we must eliminate the “compensation” before we can teach the proper skill. If a child begins tutoring at age eight, this compensatory skill may be well ingrained. Additionally, education by its very nature is a building process. The failure to learn a skill early will affect the ability to learn other skills. There is no way we can state how long it will take. Each child is different and we treat each course of instruction separately – based on the child.

• Our instructors are Indiana licensed teachers. Each one is a veteran teacher with many years of classroom experience.

• We determine the curriculum. Although we use materials from an internationally known curriculum development company as the basis of our instruction, we supplement these determined by the needs of your child.

• We determine your child’s preferred learning style and develop the instruction accordingly.

• Since we are locally owned and operated, we are not bound by the dictates of a corporate office.

• We do daily written assessments to track your child’s progress and also to determine how much time needs to be spent on a particular task.

• We are affordable.

• We do not try to do everything! We are only focused on pre-k through grade six; therefore, we can take the time to develop a very customized instruction for each child.

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