“. . . students who have not mastered reading skills by the end of third grade will struggle to keep up and fall further behind each year . . . ”
— Marcus Winters, Sr. Fellow, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
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“One-to-one math & reading tutoring; pre-K through grade 6”

In addition to our Director, j&R Tutoring Academy employs several Tutoring Associates. These outstanding associates are former elementary school teachers who possess an Indiana Teaching License, Master Degrees in education, and many years of teaching experience.

We strongly believe in the importance of having instructors who know how to work with children, how to encourage them, and when to let them work independently. Our Tutoring Associates are also parents and grandparents.

Your children are important to us and we want to assure you that they will learn from highly qualified instructors.

Madelyn Souerdike holds a Master’s degree in Education from Indiana University. She is now a retired teacher with 29 years of experience in lower elementary. Madelyn served on the Board of Directors for Hoosier Uplands from 1996 to 2002, and on the Board of Directors for Shawnee Development Corp. from 2000 to 2002. Madelyn is married and lives in Indianapolis with husband, Gregory. She has two children and seven grandchildren.

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Glenna Timmons received a BS degree in Elementary Education and a MS degree in Primary K-2 from Indiana State University. She also has an endorsement in Kindergarten and Blind and Low Vision. Ms. Timmons taught first grade and kindergarten for three years in Illinois. She tutored with Title 1 Reading Programs in West Virginia and Indiana before teaching 25 years as an itinerant teacher for blind and low vision with Vigo County Schools. Ms. Timmons moved to Hamilton County after retiring in 2010. She continues to do consultation work for Clay Community Schools.

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